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Legacy is a judgement free community that inspires growth and self-development through the practice of combat sports - Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


curiositynoun​, a strong desire to know or learn something.

In my teen and early adult years, I trained at your everyday fitness gyms -Goodlife, LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, World Gym, you name it, I've been to them all. After a while, they just got boring.  It was time for something new; it was time for an adventure.

...my first  muay thai class

How will I do?  Will people laugh or judge me?  Will I be accepted?  These were some of the questions going through my head before my first muay thai class.  I was please to find out soon after that it was in fact, all in my head. At first I only went a couple times a week, but it didn't take long before it became an addiction...the good kind of addiction that saw me attending classes almost everyday.  You can read more about my first muay thai class here.  Since then, my journey in muay thai and now Brazilian jiu-jitsu have forever changed my life.  Muay thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu has helped me develop confidence and discipline.  The gym provided me with a community of like-minded people striving to be better than their yesterday self, and also offered me a place to escape from the everyday stresses at work.  Let Legacy Fight Club do the same for you; let us be your second home.

What's your Legacy?  


Bao Luu

Head coach and owner




A young ambitious kid who thought that he could take on the world


Martial Arts was the answer for me in developing a humbling confidence

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351 King St #7,

Barrie, ON L4N 6B5


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James D. Johnson

Amazing instructors, amazing members. Legacy welcomes all and truly wants the best for all of their members. If you are brand new or experienced in martial arts they will be able to take you to the next level.
Though at the first glance it may seem intimidating I can guarantee, you will meet the nicest people there and be welcomed into the Legacy Family!


Alanna Coombs

It's not often I dole out 5 stars in reviews, however, Legacy Fight Club has earned each and every one of those stars. A place where you can go to train hard, but also feel included and appreciated. If you're interested in Muay Thai or BJJ, this is the place for you, no matter your experience level.


Rachel Hatton

I've been going to Legacy for almost 5 years and this place is like a 2nd home to me.  Legacy makes everyone feel welcome - regardless of age, race, gender or experience. If you want to meet a great bunch of people (I've met some of my closest friends here), work on your confidence, get fit and healthy this is the place for you.


Ty Ramsey

Legacy is a gym for everyone and anyone. I tried a free class almost 2 years ago and have been addicted ever since. A great atmosphere with so many types of people, and the best place in Barrie to get in shape and/or train for competitive fights!