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curiosity. noun​, a strong desire to know or learn something.

In my teen and early adult years, I trained at your everyday fitness gyms -Goodlife, LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, World Gym, you name it, I've been to them all. After a while, they just got boring.  It was time for something new; it was time for an adventure. first  muay thai class

How will I do?  Will people laugh or judge me?  Will I be accepted?  These were some of the questions going through my head before my first muay thai class.  I was pleased to find out soon after that it was in fact, all in my head. At first I only went a couple times a week, but it didn't take long before it became an addiction...the good kind of addiction that saw me attending classes almost everyday.  You can read more about my first muay thai class here.  Since then, my journey in muay thai and now Brazilian jiu-jitsu have forever changed my life.  Muay thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu has helped me develop confidence and discipline.  The gym provided me with a community of like-minded people striving to be better than their yesterday self, and also a place where I could escape from the everyday stresses at work.  Let Legacy do the same for you; let us be your second home.​

What's your Legacy?  

Bao Luu

Head coach and owner​​​​​​​

  • WAKO (World Association Sport Kickboxing) Level 1 Coach

  • WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) Certified Official

  • Certified Instructor – TKO Fighting Arts (under Kru Steve Witter and Kru Chris Greig)

  • Open Class Muay Thai Competitior (competed abroad including Thailand)

  • Provincials 2018 Bronze Medalist - Blue

  • Ascension 2019 Gold Medalist - Blue

  • Alma Luta 2019 Silver Medalist - Blue

  • Fight 2 Unite 2019 Gold Medalist - Blue

  • Grappling Industries Buffalo 2019 Gold Medalist -Blue

  • Ontario Open 2021 Gold Medalist - Purple

  • AJP Tour Bronze Medalist - Purple

  • Next Gen 2022 Gold Medalist - Purple

  • Ontario Open 2022 Gold Medalist - Purple

  • Grappling Industries Buffalo 2022 Gold Medalist - Purple

  • Niagara Great Lakes Division and Absolute Gold medalist - Purple

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 9.42.01 PM.png

My story is one of someone who has been travelling on an unknown path, leading to an unknown place. For a long time I have been searching for a purpose, something that will provide me with motivation and excitement. A real challenge that will bring me joy on my path, rather than joy as a final destination. Muay Thai was love at first sight. I will never forget entering my first gym. It smelled like hard work and Thai oil. The place looked rough, but you can sense the love and passion radiating immediately. I stood at the door, looking at the face of a buddha staring back at me, right next to a picture of the highly revered king of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej. Then I heard a voice saying to me, “Sawadee kap”. So it began.


I have been soaking in the knowledge of my Kru’s and coaches’ by the gallon. Pushed my body to the limit and loved every moment of it. I became obsessed with learning the way of the Nak Muay, the history of the sport and the detail behind every technique. I wanted to learn the “why” and not just the “how”, and this is the principle of my teaching.


My path led me to Legacy Fight Club, and right away I felt at home. I have created amazing friendships and a second family, a Muay Thai family. Yet, it goes beyond Muay Thai. It is a safe haven, a temple. The sense of community and support is essential to our development. It helped me bring down my guards leave my ego at the door and dive right into the deep waters of vulnerability, hardship, challenge and the sense of euphoria which follows when I achieve my goals.


All those principles I carry with me and pass on to every new Nak Muay who enters the door and hears “Sawadee kap” for the first time.

Art Mogulko

Fighter, Coach, and Fundmentals Program Director​​​​​​

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