A typical 1hr class:

  • Skipping or jogging for warm-up. Individual body based exercises such as pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, etc. These exercises are done one after another to promote and develop cardiovascular strength.

  • Technical training.  The emphasis here will be on proper form and posture while punching and kicking, sufficient breathing, and a proper mental state throughout.

  • Members will pair up. One will hold pads (thick protective cushions wrapped around their arms), the other will wear 14-16 oz gloves (provided by the gym or you can bring your own). Here students will train the techniques taught in the technical training phase on pads held by their partners.

  • Stretching and breathing drills to finish off.


A typical 1hr class

  • Solo or partner workouts. These include light warm-up drills you can do on your own or with your partners.  Some examples would be break fall, shrimping, grip breaking, bear crawl, cart wheels, etc.  Coach will teach you!

  • Technical training.  You will partner up and practice technique work in a controlled manner and setting.  Coach will walk around the class and correct students' form and technicque

  • Sparring.  Students are to practice their technique in a live situation.  If you are new you will likely be asked to go with someone more advance and keep intensity low so that you can practice and apply your technique.


What to bring:

  • A t-shirt and shorts (training will be conducted on bare feet) for muay thai

  • GI for Jiu-Jitsu (can be purchased from the club at www.legacyfightapparel.com)

  • You can purchase other training equipment at the gym or bring your own

  • A hydrating liquid

  • Please come in 10 minutes before class 

  • The right mindset for some greata training!